The membership directory has been incorporated into the International Database.

We encourage you to login into the secure Membership database at
First time, click on the Member login and then use the middle option, i.e. enter you email address and then click
on Reset Password, and you will be emailed a password. Start you email program to re-trieve your password,
then Member login with your email address and password. Once you have logged in, then change your password
so you can remember it.

Also go to the “Clubs” page and notice the optional district filter is set to “4”. You can look at other district my changing this filter and pressing “set”.

There is on-line help in “Help Using this Site” and/or you can download the Microsoft word doc from the “Run Reports” page.
Try “Search for a Gyro” and see what you get. Notice [mapit] which shows the location of the gyro and [drive] tells you how to drive from your location to his.