Boyce Gyro Park

Boyce Gyro ParkIn 1932, Dr. Benjamin deFurlong Boyce donated 5 lots of this property to the Kelowna Gyro Club for use as a Lakeshore Park. At this time, the Gyro Club purchased the adjoining 5 lots to enhance the size of the park. Until 1974, the park was maintained by club members but due to increasing maintenance required, it was donated to the City Of Kelowna with the provision that it remain a park in perpetuity for the free enjoyment of its citizens and friends. The Gyro Club no longer funds the park.

Boyce Gyro Beach park has 877 ft of sandy lake shore situated on Lakeshore Drive on Okanagan Lake. Perfect for families as it has adventure type playground structures, family type backstop, children’s play area seasonal washrooms and change rooms.

Gyro Beach also has a concession, lighted walkways, small formal seating areas, sand volleyball courts, boat rentals, a convenient beach access and a large grass area with shade to relax. Perfect for picnics or to just let your cares float away.